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16 years old triathlete from Bad Soden

MTV Kronberg Triathlon Team 

I'm a sixteen year old triathlete(DOB:1998) from Bad Soden am Taunus .

I joined the competitive swim team of Eschborn(SCW Eschborn) with 6 years,and I also competed at swim meets. Two years later,after I had a strong swim base I finished my first triathlon,and get member of my triathlon team MTV Kronberg.

After a few years as a triathlete I had to change my swimming club  in 2011,and now i`m swimmimg  at the Juniorteam west(SG Frankfurt).

In the last years I´ve been a few times county champion,(2007/2009/2010/2011) and I gained a lot of experience,espacially during my sabbatical in France 2012.

My last two seasons were not so good because of some surgerys(shin&knee).

I hope that the 2015 triathlon season will be better.

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